A Series

“Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.”
— Louis Kahn

Yale School of Architecture, Jessica Svendsen, 2015
How can you translate an architects philosphy through a series?

As a designer, you work with space (both 2D and 3D), how people interact with that space or object in that space (poster, product, packaging), structure, form, material and tension. An architect deals with the same principles on a larger scale, with that said, an architect also has to deal with alot of other underlying principles including weather, engineering, ergonomics, etc how can you interpret an architects philosophy and thoughts through the lens of graphic design.

With the architect you’ve selected, design a poster series based off two contrasting themes that are present within the architects work. You will design two posters with contrasting ideas that involve essential qualities or themes in that given architects work.

Part of the design process is doing research. Please dive into the books, visit a place called a library and find two unqiue themes to express the given arcitect. Themes such as “dark & light” or “large & small” will not be accepted.

  1. Two Posters
  2. Black, White and One Color
  3. No photos or illustrations of architecture, the architect or furniture the architect designed.
  4. 24 x 36in (Each poster)
  5. Font choice must relate to your architect (Conduct research)
  6. Required text:
    Talk Name (one that relates to your architect)
    Architects name
    Yale School of Architecture
    October 31, 2019

Frank Lloyd Wright
Zaha Hadid
Louis Kahn
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Denise Scott Brown
Philip Johnson
Hilary Sample
Le Corbusier
Walter Gropius
Eero Saarinen
Alvar Aalto
Buckminster Fuller
Rem Koolhas
Marcel Breuer
Jeanne Gang  
Lina Bo Bardi
Dong-Ping Wong
Dong-Ping Wong
Kazuyo Sejima

  • Learn to work with simple forms
  • Consider how material and context affects form
— Learn to work together to accomplish more
  • Learn about others and your values
  • Explore and analyse historical and contemporary architectural artifacts and formats
  • Work with contraints

Four weeks


Week 8, Oct 23
  • Research your architect and design a presentation to share with the class. Look at books and go to the library, not just wikipedia. The presentation should be designed in set as a Google Slides document.
  • From the research you found in your presentation, propose three different contrasting “themes” or “ideas” in your architects work that you find appealing as points of departure.

Week 9, Oct 30
  • Focus on two contrasting themes that interest you.
  • Once you’ve landed on a set you feel strong about you will design a 8 posters (2 per set, with contrasting ideas). All of your sketches should be completely different designs. We do not want to see any of the posters looking alike, explore different visual directions.
  • These poster sketches should be printed out at full size, 11x17in. 
  • Bring in 8.5x11 print outs of your original process sketches for the posters. You should all be doing hand drawn or computer sketches before jumping into the set of 8.
  • Come prepared to talk about the decisions you’ve made while designing.  
  • Reading: “What is a Designer?” (Excerpt), Norman Potter

Week 10, Nov 6
Week 11, Nov 13
Week 12, Nov 20
  • Final critique: A Series 
  • Visiting critic(s)
  • Reading: “Design as Art” (Excerpt), Bruno Munari


“This stands as a sketch for the future,” Dexster Sinister
“A Primer of Visual Literacy” (excerpt), Donis A. Dondis
“The Romantic Craftsman,” Richard Sennett
“Let’s talk about taste,” Carl Wilson
“Design as Art” (Excerpt), Bruno Munari

This project is a translation from Peter Ahlberg’s “Basic Graphic Design I” course at the School of Visual Arts. Thank you.