Basic Graphic Design I–II

Assigned and further readings from each week’s class are all gathered here for a single overview of reading material from the semester. Further down is an ongoing list of type designers and type foundries.

“What is a Designer?”, Norman Potter
“What is Design?”, Ray and Charles Eames
“Gestalt Theory,” Max Wertheimer
“Visible Wisdom,” Muriel Cooper
“Design as Art”, Bruno Munari
“Continuity and Change”, Max Bill
“Interaction of Color”, Josef Albers
“Graphic Design Manual: Principles and Practice”, Armin Hoffman
“Counterprint”, Karel Martens
“Printed Matter”, Karel Martens
“Typographie”, Emil Ruder
“Thinking with Type”, Ellen Lupton
“Grid Systems in Graphic Design”, Josef Müller-Brockmann
“The Elements of Typographic Style”, Robert Bringhurst
“Type & Typography”, Phil Baines & Andrew Haslam
“Compendium for Literates”, Karl Gerstner
“Edward Fella: Letters on America”, Lewis Blackwell & Lorraine Wild
“Ways of Seeing”, John Berger
“The Vignelli Canon”, Massimo Vignelli
“The Crystal Goblet”, Beatrice Warde
“Multiple Signatures”, Michael Rock
“Fuck Content”, Michael Rock
“The Designer as Author”, Michael Rock
“Designing Programmes”, Karl Gerstner
“Tools”, Andrew Blauvelt 

“Thoughts on Design”, Paul Rand
“Design, Form and Chaos”, Paul Rand
“A Man of Letters”, Oliver Sacks
“The Typographic Grid”, Hans Rudolf Bosshard
“A Layperson’s Guide to Graphic Design”, Adrian Shaughnessy
“Uncorporate Identity”, Metahaven
“The Politics of Design”, Ruban Pater
“Can Jokes Bring Down Governments?”, Metahaven 
“Speculative Everything”, Anthony Dunne
“The New Typography”, Jan Tschichold
“Macro+-Microaesthetics”, Willi Kunz
“An Essay on Typography”, Eric Gill
“Paragraphs on Conceptual Art, Sol Lewitt
“Modern Typography: An Essay in Critical History”, Robin Kinross
“Graphic Design: A Concise History”, Richard Hollis
“A History of Graphic Design”, Philip B. Meggs
“Looking Closer”, Michael Bierut
“The Typography of Order”, Emil Ruder
“On Typography”, Max Bill
“The Matta-Clark Complex”, James Goggin
“Every book starts with an idea”, Armand Mavis
“The Meme”, Metahaven 

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